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Happy Saturday or as us cat lovers say Caturday.  I don’t have a cat because the place I live a won’t let us have pets. But there is a stray cat that hangs around we all feed her.By the way I live in an Assisted Living. It is like a nursing home but we can do more for ourselves. I am there because I was in an accident a few years ago and I am in a wheel chair.




Good Morning: Everything is working now. I have a new door knob and my fridge is running and back where it belongs in the kitchen. I am listening to music and updating my blogs.



Picture by  https://kilkennycat.wordpress.com

Things are going better so far today. Yesterday my front door handle broke. It came off in my hand when I opened the door. I had to call the fix it man to fix my door.  Now I have new door handle. My fridge is still in my shower . The last piece of ice  came out yesterday.


Ryan Conners

Artwork by https://kilkennycat.wordpress.com

Things are going better this morning. My fridge is in my shower thawing out.  I know it’s weird but every time I want a shower someone has to move the fridge out and put it back in.  But I get  to take a shower. Right now I am storing all my food in a fridge across the hall in a room that is not being used.


Ryan Conners
Ryan Conners                  https://kilkennycat.wordpress.com  


It is Monday morning and I am up with the chickens. The only trouble is, I don;t have any chickens.  LoL.    I am listening to music and updating my blog as usual. Today will be a busy and hopefully productive day. My fridge is on the fritz. I am hoping to get it fixed. It is leaking like a faucet all over the floor. Yikes !  I have a ton of towels on the floor. The  maintainence guy won’t be here for a while. I am sure he won’t be happy having to fix a broken refridgerator.